Monday, May 27, 2013


I will never forget touring Neuswanstein Castle in Germany. A cave on the grounds had been transformed into a stage for Wagner's operas. A swam boat was still intact. What a marvelous setting for his stirring music. Below, see the lyrics of one of his passionate works, translated into music. Also included is the link to a chorus performing this work. Wagner found his passion, may we all be so fortunate. 

This song stirs my heart this Memorial Day. Remembering those who served, and gave their lives, our pilgrims. BBL

Pilgrim's Chorus
Once more with joy O my home I may meet
Once more ye fair, flowr'y meadows I greet
My Pilgrim's staff henceforth may rest
Since Heaven's sweet peace is within my breast.
The sinner's 'plaint on high was heard
On high was heard and answered by the Lord
The tears I laid before His shrine
Are turned to hope and joy divine.
O Lord eternal praise be Thine!
The blessed source of Thy mercy overflowing
On souls repentant seek Ye, all-knowing
Of hell and death, I have no fear
For thou my Lord are ever near
Alleluia! For evermore

Here is a video from Youtube of this glorious celebration. 
Tannhauser: Pilgrim's Chorus Lyrics by Richard Wagner

My Choice - Wagner: Pilgrims' Chorus (Peace, Volcanos & Fireworks)
 (Peace, colorful Volcanoes & Fireworks)

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