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If you like apps, the following info could help you add a way to create your own color files.

Need Some Color Guidance? Amy Wax Has An App For That

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color 911 app autumnHave you ever fallen in love with a color? I have—the cool turquoise of the dishes my grandmother used when I was a child.
Color guru Amy Wax of Montclair has just released an app, Color 911, that lets you re-create your favorite colors, select colors from existing palettes, and edit your colors to adjust the hue, saturation, or brightness. You can also organize your personal color palettes into folders with notes, and share with friends, family, decorators, and clients via email, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
grandma's turquoise dishes
Grandma Hawkins’ dishes.
The award-winning color consultant told me I could use a photograph of my grandmother’s dishes (which I fortunately inherited) with her app to shop for napkins or wall paint in the same shade, or in coordinating colors. “When it comes to choosing colors, what people really long for is direction,” says Wax. “This app provides that for however you use color in your life.”
amy wax best
Amy Wax, color guru.
Photo by Dan Epstein
One of the app’s most interesting features is the ability to choose from 60 color themes, each of which contains 42 coordinating colors. So, for example, the “retro” palette showcases vintage olives, teals, and corals, the “razzle dazzle” theme is comprised of hot pinks, oranges, and purples, and the “beach house” palette contains soft blues, browns, and pinks.
Wax says one woman told her she’s using the app to choose which flowers to plant in her garden, while another is employing it to help coordinate her spring wardrobe. And Wax says her neighbor’s artsy 11-year-old daughter has fun simply playing with the app.
“It’s an inspiring tool,” says Wax, “and a real game changer for anyone who’s creative.”
Color 911 was built for the iPad with Retina display, and is available on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad Mini. For more information, email Wax at amy@color911.com
color 911 app

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