Friday, May 24, 2013

Red in Relationships

The color red and your relationship: Studies show how it can help or hurt

New research on the effects of the color red could provide valuable clues to the link between winning athletes and the color red, according to articles published May 17 by the Daily Mail andScience World Report. 

Two studies conducted by the University of Rochester in New York on how men and women react to the color red show that red is a very powerful color which can subconsciously affect human behavior in unexpected ways.
However the most interesting research on the color red was done by the University of Rochester on how red subconsciously affects male and female relationships.
Both men and women found themselves to be more attracted to members of the opposite sex who were wearing, or surrounded by the color red.
Individuals, both males and females who were wearing the color red themselves found that they tended to attract more attention from the opposite sex.
Researchers found that when a man was wearing red (a shirt, sweater, jacket or even a red tie) women found him more sexually desirable and attractive.
Women wearing red tops (dresses, sweaters, blouses, jackets, scarves) were considered to be much more sexually appealing by men than when they were wearing colors other than red.
Regardless of what the red item of clothing was, the reaction was the same.
The Power of Red to Attract or Influence the Opposite Sex
In addition to enhancing romantic feelings in men, researchers found that men were prompted to sit closer, and ask more intimate questions, when the woman was wearing red. They also perceived the woman in red to be sexier, or more likely to be interested in sex.
Men were found to be more willing to approach a woman wearing red, because they felt less likely to be rejected, and interpreted red clothing as an indication that the woman was more open to, or would respond more positively to their sexual advances.
If the woman was wearing red, the men were even willing to spend more money on her on a date.
The sexual attraction generated by the color red was found to be a two-way street.
When a man was wearing the color red - whether it was a shirt, jacket, sweater, or tie – women perceived him to be more sexually desirable, more powerful and more physically attractive. The same held true if the man was surrounded by or framed by red.
Other studies on the color red found that people were more likely to become sexually aroused when they were in a room with red walls, or in a room decorated primarily in red.
The most interesting about these findings is that both males and females were completely unaware of the impact the color red had on their perceptions of others, or how it influenced their behavior toward, members of the opposite sex.
What the Findings about the Color Red Mean to Your Relationship
The color red could influence your spouse or significant other to cheat on you -- regardless of whether he or she in a room decorated in red, in the presence of someone of the opposite sex who is wearing red, or whether he or she wearing the color red.
Keep in mind that the color red works subconsciously. Your spouse or significant other may not even be aware of its effect.
Other studies on the color red found that people are more likely to become sexually aroused when they were in a room with red walls, or in a room decorated primarily in red.
The Bottom Line on the Color Red
Remember, red is a very powerful color which has an effect on both men and women that’s hard to resist.

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