Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Your Favorite Color Poll

To divide a crowd into smaller groups, try asking folks to gather with others with the same favorite color. The following is by Susan M. Heathfield, a guide on About.com.

 In a team building exercise I have used for years, participants are asked to name their favorite color. Then, they are asked to list words that describe their favorite color.
The consistently most popular color selected has been blue. (This is the universal favorite-BL) The second most popular color has been red. Blue words have included sky, serene, and calming. Red words have included exciting, daring, bright, and noticeable.
My poll below is showing different results than I have experienced in my team building activities.
My personal favorite color is purple. Words that I use to describe purple are: twilight, richness, splendor, wisdom, and stillness. Purple seems to be one of your favorites, too.
About.com's Psychology Guide, Kendra Cherry, has written about The Psychology of Color and describes the meanings of colors. Scroll all the way down her article to find links to the meanings of the various colors. (You may want to change the shade of your office or car to better fit your personality or mood.)
What is your favorite color and what are words you would use to describe it?
Poll: What Is Your Favorite Color? Please share the words you'd use to describe your color in Comments.
I would love to know your favorite color. Leave it in the Comments section which follows this post. Add what that color brings to your mind.

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