Saturday, March 10, 2012

Colors in Vincent van Gogh's Chair with Pipe painting

Vincent van Gogh created this painting of a chair with his pipe on it using the following colors in his palette: CADMIUM YELLOW, COBALT VIOLET, COBALT BLUE, EMERALD GREEN, LEAD WHITE, ULTRAMARINE BLUE, VERMILION, VIRIDIAN GREEN and EARTH COLORS.  Vincent painted at a time when tube colors became available, which made outdoor painting easier.

If you have not seen the movie Lust for Life,  about van Gogh, I hope you will take time to track it down. Many public libraries have it. It was made in 1956.  Anthony Quinn won an Oscar for his performance as Paul Gaugain which lasted only a few minutes, and Kirk Douglas who gave  a masterful job portraying Vincent lost his bid for the Oscar.

 If you would like a list of movies made about artists, email me at  My list  ends in 1998, but I will add to it if you have more movies or books to recommend which are centered on artists.
 One book published in 2011 about Vincent:A Life, sheds new light on his death. Tragically, he was shot accidentally by two teenagers and, typical of him, he did not want them blamed or prosecuted. 

 Also, it is likely that Vincent did not cut off his ear during a mental breakdown. He and his friend Paul Gaugain got into a fight, and Gaugain, a fabulous swordsman,  lopped off a portion of Vincent's ear. The two covered up the details to prevent the arrest of Gaugain. Shortly after the incident, Gaugain left  and Vincent's dream of establishing an artists' colony in Arles, France, never happened.

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