Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Renaissance Influences Today

7 Renaissance Design Features Right at Home Today

Your home may be taking design cues from the Medicis, from a single silk pillow to a sky-high ceiling over that four-poster bed

Based in Cambridgeshire, U.K., Julia Pockett is founder Director of Sujiivana Design Ltd.
Patterned walls. Walls were generally smooth and neutral in color. However, they were often painted with patterns, which would now be translated to wallpaper. But these paint techniques have also been used over the ages, influencing the introduction of stenciling.
Mural fresco painting. Mural fresco painting adorned the walls of the more palatial Renaissance homes. Again, this highly decorative painting has influenced many elaborate wallpapers, while hand painting is reserved for the experts.
Four-poster beds. The Renaissance saw the invention of the ornate bed as we know it. Hand-carved four-posters on raised platforms had a canopy for rich-colored drapes to keep out the cold. While bed designs have evolved, many of us still can't resist a four-poster, so the basic design has been adapted for modern lifestyles and changing tastes.
Silk. Silk was the favorite textile of the Renaissance, used in bright colors for drapes and loose cushions for benches and chair seats. Furnishings were quite minimal at this time, but chairs began to increase in variety as an alternative to stools and benches. Thank goodness the early designs have evolved in favor of comfort.
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