Monday, September 15, 2014

A Man's Point of View about Color

Color fascinates me, it pleases my eye, as a kid the louder it was the more I was drawn to it, had a teacher tell me once that was because I was ndn.
I don’t know if that’s true or not as people everywhere seem to be attracted to color, even going so far as to dye their hair blue, orange, or some other hue.
And then there’s that tie dye thing that is singularly about color.
If you’ve ever been to pow wow you know it is a celebration of color among other things, the brighter the better.
The pomp and circumstance of grand entries, women’s shawls, dresses, and leggings.
Not to be outdone we men can be just as color conscious where in the day to day our“fashion sense” may run to the more sedate and utilitarian.
The whirling and dancing at pow wow can be likened to a kaleidoscope when at times in the changing of focus colors blur into one another during the transition as though paint thrown on a canvas by an artist like Jackson Pollock.
As a people we used to apply paint to our horses and adorn their manes and tails, still do depending on occasion or personal inclination.
I’ll stop to admire a flower, leaves, bugs, or anything colorful that catches my eye, but it’s more than admiration, it is wonder and awe at the intricacy and the purpose it serves.
With flowers it is about attracting pollinators, bugs, maybe to camoflauge or ward off a predator, and it is a gift that our visionary sense allows us to perceive color, it would be pretty drab if the opposite were true.
A truly blue sky is guaranteed to win my admiration, especially if it includes puffy white clouds or dark ones rolling in ladened with thunder and lightning.
And I learned long ago if a woman asks if the color of garment she is wearing works to always say yes, or the opposite if they ask if it makes them look fat.
The funny thing about color is that while it can attract people it can also repel them when it comes to ethnicity, that never made sense to me and I’ve thought of it as judging a book by it’s cover – no telling what we might miss if we make a judgement based only on the cover.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Color Blocking

Maria Killam, the interior decorator from Vancouver, B.C. gives more fabulous advice; I could not explain color blocking any better, so I indulged my copy and paste computer skills to bring you her savvy advice:

The following are 5 ways to add instant Happiness to your space with colour blocking:
1. Colour blocking is a fabulous and inexpensive way to create artwork! As the article in the 2002 issue of House & Home Magazine (where I clipped the above image from way back then) says, "You can follow your heart and stop being bossed around by your walls"). 
In this great example above, a twig runner was added to create texture and instant art! I also created that here with my loft client because we had so much wall space to fill!
Images from House & Home Magazine
2. Creates an instant focal point. I love the way the back walls of the shelves were painted a stronger colour because they are recessed to visually link the fireplace wall to the displayed objects on the shelves! And if you don't have an obvious focal point like the fireplace wall, you can create one just the same way with just a quart of paint!
3. Colour blocking provides eye catching contrast, like in this image above with white walls and alternating shades of yellow and orange!
4. It creates a strong and graphic statement. In this kitchen chalkboard paint was used which makes it practical as well! And this effect is even more enhanced by the red chair and vintage fridge.
5. You can even hang colourful panels of fabric on the wall for a really fun and inexpensive way to change up your interior.
Colour blocking is also a great way to define an open space, for example you could paint a block of colour in the dining room area of a large space to create an instant feeling of coziness. I prefer the look of blocking colour like the ways I've shown above to accent walls because I think they are a little more intentional and artsy looking.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy Blues

I've mentioned my admiration for Maria Killim, the Canadian interior decorator, before. The following post, from 2012, is so right on about how to use a happy color, I had to share. Colour=Canadian speak for our American color.


Photo by Maria Killam
At one of the CMG Conferences a speaker once said 'If you want to know which direction colour is going, check out the towel department.'
So a couple weeks ago I snapped this photo of a stack of bright blue and yellow towels when I was out sourcing accessories for a client.
Towels don't collect dust sitting on shelves like other products do so it makes sense that there's more turnover in product, therefore new colours can appear faster. (That's my take, if you have a more accurate one, please post a comment below).
Isn't this blue entry breathtaking? The styling certainly helps but this photo is a great example of happy blues taking over from gray blues.
For years the only place I've ever chosen a blue like this was for a kids room. When I saw those blue and yellow towels, I had this sudden urge to run home and paint my main bathroom this exact colour.
Remember the post I wrote 'What everyone should know about blue'? The bottom line was that light blues need to be sufficiently grayed so that they don't look like baby blue on the walls. But if you take that same gray blue and go darker, you end up with a mans den or teenage boys room.
Take a brighter blue though and go darker like the above photo and you end up with happy!
What do you think? Do you see this blue making it's way into your house anytime soon?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hearing the Hues

"You never know when you might need to pump up your vocabulary. You might soon find yourself in a friendly game of Scrabble or having cocktail conversation at some swanky party. Why not impress your friends and random strangers with extensive color knowledge?

I like to learn about them because there is usually some history lesson involved, and it helps me understand the undertones of color. For example, there are hundreds of shades of blue. If a blue fabric is described as smalt, I would know exactly what to expect even without a visual. Here are some colors you probably have never heard of but will love to get to know.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blue In Nature

So far, blue has been the color I have blogged about the most. The following pictures and comments are by Linda Gaskill for Houzz, a wonderful website I highly recommend for anyone loving great ideas for houses and yards.

"Blue surrounds us more than any other color, making it easy to love and use — it’s the color of our planet, the oceans and the sky. It plays well with all of the other colors (think about how you can put literally anything with a pair of blue jeans), is a favorite of both men and women, and can match any mood, from playful (aqua) to soothing (ice blue) or dramatic (midnight). Let’s look at blue through the lens of nature for a fresh perspective on this well-loved color.