Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Color

Sometimes a fresh color environment perks up our feelings. Color is powerful and can be used to enhance our moods as well as our IGs some say.

A few years ago we read Feathering The Nest by Tracy Hutson, which included a pretty interesting rundown of color theory and how certain tones can make you feel. Imagine our surprise when we read things like “couples argue most in yellow kitchens” and “orange may elevate the IQ as much as twelve points.” Here are a few other things we read (all according to Feathering The Nest):
flamenco CSP-1195Red- increases energy and enthusiasm; might hurt a person’s ability to settle down or concentrate for extended periods; is associated with energizing organs, blood circulation, and the senses of hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch; is recommended as an accent since it’s intense; generates excitement; instills confidence; can encourage attention to detail in smaller doses.
14 carrots CSP-1110Orange- is cheerful, bold, daring, and spontaneous; creates a sense of adventure; is reputed to increase milk production in new mothers and boost the appetite; encourages confidence and independence; takes creativity and enthusiasm to new levels; stimulates the lungs, respiration, and digestion.
hannah banana CSP-955Yellow- is the most visible color; sparks optimism, enlightenment, energy, and creativity; stimulates mental activity and memory; is said to encourage expression and communication; is believed to heighten mentality and strengthen muscles; can assist in concentration, memorization, visualization skills, speaking, and writing; some research showed that babies cried more in yellow rooms.
green thumb CSP-870Green- strengthens and preserves eyesight; alleviates depression, nervousness, and anxiety; is said to be the most refreshing color and the easiest on the eyes; brings peace, rest, hope, comfort, balance, and harmony; creates a sense of safety and security; is good for preemies or infants with gastroesophageal reflux syndrome.
wild blue yonder CSP-620Blue- is perceived as a constant in our lives since it’s the color of the ocean and the sky; is soothing, calming, tranquil, and peaceful; is used to help babies with respiratory distress syndrome; decreases heart rate; may encourage individuals to be trustworthy, is committed and dependable.
elderberry wine CSP-470Purple- is a rich uplifting color; may calm a colicky baby and foster peaceful sleep; inspires creativity and artistic talents; is associated with respect and spirituality; provides a sense of calmness; promotes inner strength; provides a soothing effect on the ears, eyes, and nervous system.
pink flamingo CSP-1175Pink- is often associated with kindness; is said to heal sadness; is sweet, calming, innocent; symbolizes youthfulness and softness; allows individuals to get in touch with their feelings.

camel hair CSP-285Brown- is a very grounding color; provides a feeling of order, reliability, and protection; has a deep connection to the earth; has natural and organic components; is believed to afford a sense of stability and wholeness.

espresso bean CSP-30Black- makes a room appear smaller for a cozy, stabilizing feeling; promotes a sense of bring grounded; is a submissive color; strengthens the ability to focus and gain a sense of self.

cloud white OC-130White- symbolizes cleanliness and new beginnings; aids in clear thinking and encourages clarity; is a pure and joyous color; generates a sense of balance and harmony; is associated with speedy healing; is a common color to treat depression.

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