Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hair Color Craze 2017

Remember how exciting it was if you dyed your hair pink or lavender or rose-gold for the first time? ​Everyone oohed and aahed at your perfectly tinted ombre, and  admired your quirky taste and sense of daring.

Then, everyone else started to show up with their own version of pastel hair. And before you knew it, you felt less like Kelly Osbourne and more like My Little Pony. But fear not. If you're not quite ready to go back to your roots, Mirza Batanovic, Style Director at EuforaInternational, a salon brand of color, predicts this year's hair will be brighter and bolder than ever.

“Bright-colored hair is something fresh,” Mirza says. It’s also widely accepted—even in a corporate environment. “Seeing someone walking down the street with purple hair is becoming more mainstream. Women who work in many different industries aren't as afraid to try something so different and vibrant,” she points out. So, what color should you attempt this year?
Jay Kownacki, Evo Hair’s Education Manager, says: "With green being named Pantone's color of the year for 2017, we foresee a lot of fun green hues being adopted—everything from dip-dye pastel green ends, to a beautiful all-over emerald. Experimenting with hair color allows people to be creative and expressive in a very overt and fun way."

Wait, green? Isn’t that really hard to keep up? Mirza says: “once the excitement of these colors fades and the reality of maintaining these shades sets in, we will see more peek-a-boo versions rather than all-over color. Right now the trend is in its peak, so all-over colors are big. But, clever placement can last longer without touch-ups. So I do think this will end up being the longer-lasting version of the trend.”
If you’re worried that funky color's just for kids, consider this: last year, Dame Helen Mirren sported pink-tinted hair. Batanovic says: “Older ladies are doing more subtle, peek-a-boo versions of bright colors, while the younger generations are doing more intense placements and all-over melts of vibrant shades. Guys will usually stick to one solid color like silver, navy blue or pale green."
But green's not the only game in town. If you’re still pining for the denim-on-denim trend, for example, you’re in luck. The trend toward everything blue has begun to creep back into salons and onto the street.

Frosty white is another hue to consider. Kevin Murphy, International Design Director of Color, Kate Reid says: "Ice hair is an incoming trend for 2017. Especially in the winter months, where we’re sure to see a big increase in this frosty shade. We're also seeing a lot more platinum blonde requests. Even in the winter. It's not silver or gray anymore." She also sees clients punching up a natural brown shade by turning it copper. "Like rose gold, it raises the bar and gives intense shine."

I think Rose Gold or Ice are not as unusual as the other colors mentioned, I like both of them. Good luck if you tint your tresses! BBL

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