Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Personalities and Color

First published in 1968, this was written during a time of immense social change. I enjoyed reading the chapters about colors and how they relate to chakras, levels of consciousness, inner levels of time, and personalities. Each of us has a dominant color personality which has both positive and negative traits. I began to experiment. Studying the personality types of co-workers, friends, and family, it became fun to analyze them and assign a color to each one. I determined personal color choices for myself as well.

The basic hues, as they relate to personality types, are the following:
·        Red - physical,
·        Orange - social,
·        Yellow - intellectual,
·        Green - acquisitive,
·        Blue – devotional,
·        Indigo - intuitive
·        Violet - imaginative and creative,
·        Black - self-annihilation (loss of ego).

While continuing studies from other unusual sources, I read about the elegant uses of neutrals, browns and grays, colors most often used by those with high self-esteem. There are references to artists’ use of clear white light in more "spiritual" pieces, for instance.
Lovers of green might be of an acquisitive nature according to the author because their color is of the heart and family chakra. If  Christopher Hills' theories are correct,
these folks are likely to purchase more paintings having harmonious shades of green.

Colorist that I am, books about the theory of color intrigue me. Do you think each of us has a color personality?The question is open, what is your opinion? 

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