Sunday, June 9, 2013

Personality Revealed in Door Color Choices

How you paint a front door reveals your personality

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Did you know that the hue you use to paint a front door at your home says a lot about your personality? What do you think this blue-green front door color reveals about you? Here are the best paint colors for doors based on your disposition.
Are you an introvert with an orange front door? If so, you're sending mixed messages to your friends and neighbors. Turns out that colors for doors—especially the front door—tells a lot about the occupants inside.
"An entry door painted a bold shade of orange says 'I'm friendly, fun-loving, and enjoy getting together with people' so that's the color for an extrovert and perhaps not the best choice for someone who has a more reserved personality," says color expert Kate Smith, president and chief color maven of Sensational Color. "Since the front door is the key feature on a house that offers homeowners the most flexibility in color choice, this is a good place for people to let their personality shine through."
When my husband and I were selling our former house seven years ago, we didn't stop to think about the best paint color for a front door. We just chose to paint it bright red so that it "popped" against our home with white siding and black shutters. I guess the people who bought our house liked our choice—I recently drove by the old place, and the front door is still red.
According to Smith, here's a look at what different paint colors on front entry doors of the home say about the occupants inside:
  • Red tells the world to "look at me!" This bright color says I'm not afraid of standing out or saying what's on my mind. (Yup, that about sums up my husband and me. And guess what? We decided that red is the best paint color for a front door in the house where we live now, too.)
  • White says that I prefer things that are organized, neat and clean. Even if my home isn't always this way, I wish it were!
  • Green tells the world that you have traditional values and enjoy being a member of the community.
  • Black says I'm consistent, conservative and reserved in my manner as well as my approach to color. With a black door I'm saying my design style is timeless rather than trendy.
  • Blue tells people you are naturally at ease in most situations and people are attracted to your easy-going personality.
  • Yellow says you have a personality similar to green, but a bit less traditional. You're most likely a leader or organizer of a group.
  • Purple reveals a "free spirited" person who is comfortable taking risks, thinking differently and dreaming big. (My younger daughter has loved purple since a young age, and always had a bedroom painted purple. I guess when she eventually owns a home of her own, we can expect her to have a purple front door.)
"Homeowners should remember they don't always have to go 'bright and bold' with color on their front doors to make a positive impression," says Smith. "Muted colors like sage green, colonial blue, and copper sunset are all striking colors that enhance a home while showing your true colors.

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