Monday, June 4, 2012

Add a little bit of color

Anyone putting a house on the market is advised by most realtors to NEUTRALIZE wall colors. That sticks in the craw of color enthusiasts like me. In reality, an all-white or ecru rom is one of the harder looks to successfully pull off. To pull the scheme off with sophistication, it becomes crucial to introduce complex textures, a variety of materials and perfect balance. Complex and hue-laden pieces of artwork, accent pillows and other decorative objects including lamps can be color-coordinated to introduce varied colors. Generations past, the idea of investing in quality furniture upon marrying was common. My grandmother told me that when she and her new husband moved from Dallas to Ville Platte, Louisiana, her in-laws had purchased a railroad car full of furniture for the newlyweds' new home. She looked the furniture over carefully and sent it back. The miracle is that her open-minded in-laws were not offended! She chose items that suited her. I still have a few decortive things she chose and love them. In the more recent past, Americans have abandoned the requirements of buying fine furniture because they are attracted to change and updating frequently. With disposable items swelling landfills, it is a matter to consider. For those who who desire good quality' it is possible to purchase selectively and keep up with sales. I learned recently that Restoration Hardware has clearance items on-line. Once an items is selected it is possible to learn when the items will be in the warehouse nearest to you. I will check it out soon because it is my hobby to buy when things are on sale. Paying full price is not in my plan. The idea of changing wall color rather than getting rid of furniture appeals to my pocket book. Color palettes change yearly for home decor and painting walls or buying new throw pillows is thrifty. A house needs paint every five years or so and perhaps sooner,depending on kids, pets and traffic patterns in your home. Highest wear areas like entries, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms can require touch-up every few months in an active household. Our dogs make it advisable to paint our pawed woodwork by outside doors at least once a year. Changing accessories is the easiest and cheapest way to affect transformation. It is fun to check out consignment stores, antique malls and community or neighborhood yard or estate sales for decorative items and other things like lamps, containers and mirrors. If you pay little for some ornamental finishing pieces, you won't mind giving them away or shifting them around in the future. Either way, play around with the basic idea of using a neutral color scheme as a way to extend the longevity of classical or major purchases.

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