Monday, September 15, 2014

A Man's Point of View about Color

Color fascinates me, it pleases my eye, as a kid the louder it was the more I was drawn to it, had a teacher tell me once that was because I was ndn.
I don’t know if that’s true or not as people everywhere seem to be attracted to color, even going so far as to dye their hair blue, orange, or some other hue.
And then there’s that tie dye thing that is singularly about color.
If you’ve ever been to pow wow you know it is a celebration of color among other things, the brighter the better.
The pomp and circumstance of grand entries, women’s shawls, dresses, and leggings.
Not to be outdone we men can be just as color conscious where in the day to day our“fashion sense” may run to the more sedate and utilitarian.
The whirling and dancing at pow wow can be likened to a kaleidoscope when at times in the changing of focus colors blur into one another during the transition as though paint thrown on a canvas by an artist like Jackson Pollock.
As a people we used to apply paint to our horses and adorn their manes and tails, still do depending on occasion or personal inclination.
I’ll stop to admire a flower, leaves, bugs, or anything colorful that catches my eye, but it’s more than admiration, it is wonder and awe at the intricacy and the purpose it serves.
With flowers it is about attracting pollinators, bugs, maybe to camoflauge or ward off a predator, and it is a gift that our visionary sense allows us to perceive color, it would be pretty drab if the opposite were true.
A truly blue sky is guaranteed to win my admiration, especially if it includes puffy white clouds or dark ones rolling in ladened with thunder and lightning.
And I learned long ago if a woman asks if the color of garment she is wearing works to always say yes, or the opposite if they ask if it makes them look fat.
The funny thing about color is that while it can attract people it can also repel them when it comes to ethnicity, that never made sense to me and I’ve thought of it as judging a book by it’s cover – no telling what we might miss if we make a judgement based only on the cover.
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  1. Some good thoughts on this subject. The male birds are always more colorful than the female, and certainly the native Americans were a colorful lot.