Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Legend of the Iris

The Legend of the Iris

     "Thomas, beloved apostle of Jesus, was grief stricken by the crucifixion of his Master. And as much as he wanted to believe in a resurrection, his mind simply could not grasp such a miracle.
     Three days after the Master's death, Thomas was walking a familiar path to Galilee when he noticed a lovely flower growing by the wayside. Only weeks before, the plant had been withered and brown, dead to all appearances.
     'It has been reborn,' thought Thomas. 'Could this be an example of resurrection as our Lord explained it to us?'
     His heart bursting with new hope, Thomas hurried to the place where the apostles were gathered. And there he found his Lord, risen from the dead as He had promised."

See John 20:19-29 for the rest of the story.

"Iris" painted by Vincent van Gogh

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