Monday, May 2, 2011

May---Artists' Birthdays

Artists’ Birthdays-May

1st Jules Breton, French, 1827
George Inness, American, 1825
Alexandre Antigna, French, 1817
Peggy Bacon, American, 1895
Richard Lippold, American, 1915
Jacob Riis, American, 1849
2ndFrederic Edwin Church, American, 1826
Thomas Dewing, American, 1851
4th Charles Drouet, French, 1836
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, German, 1880
5th Felix Saturnin Brissot de Warville, French, 1818
6th Bacciccio, Italian, 1639
Alphonse Legros, French, 1837
7th Francois Pompon, French, 1855
8th Paul Wunderlich, German, 1927
9th Jean Baptiste Carpeaus, French, 1827
Salvador Dali, Spanish, 1904
Jean Leon Gerome, French, 1824
Alfred Stevens, Belgian, 1823
10th Edward Lear, British, 1812
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, British, 1828
Frank Stella, American, 1936
11th Georges Braque, French, 1882
Joseph Stella, American, 1877
12th Thomas Gainsborough, British, 1727
13th Richard Avedon, American 1923
Jasper Johns, American, 1930
Carlo Maratti, Italian, 1625
14th John Sell Cotman, British, 1782
15th Maxime Emile Louis Maufra, French, 1861
16th Stefano della Bella, Italian, 1610
Janet Fish, American, 1938
17th Jacob Jordaens, Flemish, 1593
Gaston Lachaise, French, 1886
Claude Vignon, French, 1593
18th Henri Edmond Cross, French, 1856
Johann Gottfried Schadow, German, 1764
19th Albrecht Durer, German, 1471
Henri Rousseau, French, 1844
20th Mary Cassatt, American, 1844
Marisol, American, 1930
Hubert Robert, French, 1733
21st Franz Kline, American, 1910
Jean Pradier, French, 1790
22nd Georg Raphael Donner, Austrian, 1693
Emmanuel Leutze, German, 1816
Philip Perlstein, American, 1924
Jacopo da Pontormo, Italian, 1494
23rd Will Barnet, American, 1911
Carlo Dolci, Italian, 1616
24th Philippe de Champaigne, French, 1602
25th Giovanni Antonio Guardi, Italian, 1699
Pierre Legros, French, 1629
Paulus Pontius, Flemish, 1603
George Roualt, French, 1871
26thAlexandre Calame, Swiss, 1810
Carl Larsson, Swedish, 1853
27th Edme Bouchardon, French, 1698
28th Alexander Archipenko, Russian, 1887

Biographies of these artists are available at Wikipedia. If you have a simultaneous birthday with any of these artists, it will be fun to research their work. Perhaps you have something in common.

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