Wednesday, July 2, 2014


This powerful color has such a strong personality!

Directions below on how to "tint it down" in an orderly fashion! 

Color Mixing with Tones of Red

There are so many ways to to mix and change color! Today, I wanted to concentrate on red. Red can be changed to make all types of colors since it is one of the three Primary colors. Red can vary in hue from orange-red to violet-red. It ranges in color from very light pink to dark burgundy.

Color mixing is one of the things I love about paint. So many possibilities to explore...

The colors that I used for this storyboard are the Amy Howard One Step paint colors in Shaw Red and Metropolitan Gray.
How To: 
Amy Howard At Home Shaw Red One Step Paint
I used 50 percent of each color to create this color story board
Starting with my straight color first
Mixing my colors half and half
Story board mixing 
Each one half I continued to cut in half
*Be sure to measure each color mixed to know how to achieve it again.

I love to look on Design Seeds to see their color palettes and inspiration
Stiltskin Studios, one of retailers, has begun to mix her One Step Paint colors!
These antique books all range in color but I love seeing them together in this composition
Even fur!
Beautiful old building in Italy has a red-orange tone
With fabric, I think it works very well to work with a range of color
You can find color inspiration everywhere. I especially find inspiration for color in nature. I take photos of flowers, birds, etc. and use those as color combinations later in my design work or color palette for a piece of furniture.
Amy Howard

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