Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Place As Color Inspiration

The designer DOSA has found her place of inspiration, a national park. Seeing her collection for 2014 shows her interpretation of the colors she saw.

"The colors in spring 2014 capture the sunlit landscape and inky night sky of Joshua Tree National
 I have visited this geological wonderland some 20 or 30 times since my first trip in 1996, and it still 
continues to inspire. Despite its harsh landscape, Joshua Tree is welcoming, communal, and open.
 Alone or with some friends, I’ll pack a lunch, jump in the car, and drive a few hours on the long
 highway just to sit on the mammoth granite rocks, shadow gazing the quirky Joshua trees.
 I celebrate this place and its sustaining influence with a bit of humor and love.
Joshua tree silhouettes are created in appliqué, developed with our friend and textile designer,
 Karin Spurgin. Natural dyes provide color, like mimosa tree bark and cochineal for ‘dune’. Iron,
 weld, and cochineal create the color ‘joshua’. “Supercheck” fabric made by WomenWeave
 Charitable Trust combines their own leftover dyed yarns and my color pairings - uniquely 
Indian hues presented in a dosa palette. I allow these unexpected elements to infuse the 
collection with a sense of play." Dosa

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