Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Color-Blocking Bookshelves

y Sawyer Erickson, TSB Staff

Color Blocking a Bookshelf -Color is a natural tool for bookshelf organization.  At first it may not seem as functional as the oh-so-typical Dewey Decimal System style of organizing by author last name and then first name, but let me be the first to tell you that the aesthetic of coordinating by color is difficult to beat. This how-to is intended for those of you willing to take a risk into the depths of unconventional yet idealist world of simple design. 
How to color block (organize by color) your bookshelves:
First decide the scale that you're working with. It's always easier to start small rather than take on your entire collection of literature at one time. Next you'll need to take all of your chosen book and organize them into piles, based on relative color, on a shelf or even piles on the floor. You'll probably have many different variations of shades within each color range. Remember that you're looking at the color of the spines of the book rather that the covers, since you'll only see the spines once they are on the shelf. 
Once you have your book collection roughly sorted, decide on the shading of colors within each group. Do you want to go from light to dark, or from dark to light? After you've decided these things you can simply and easily place your volumes on the shelves of your bookcase in specific groups. 
This method will give your bookcase a simple, clean and calm feeling. Not only is this particular style pleasing to those of us that have a hint of OCD, but it also lends itself to an organized household. 
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Dear Colorfilled blog readers,

If you try this idea and find it useful, please let us know. I am moving and will try to organize this way, especially in my painting studio. It seems like a workable idea. At least the shelves will be pretty! Memorizing which color spine your sought book has will be good exercise for gray cells! Happy sorting.

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