Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Robin Egg Blue

My husband found an egg in our front yard last year; we assumed it was from a nest of Robins. More green was in the blue than I assumed Robin Egg Blue to be prior to this discovery. Placed on different backgrounds, its color is enhanced by the black, grey and pebbly ones. However, it glows best when placed on its color complement, the red-orange mulch. Imagine this color worn by someone with red hair! This magic happens when colors opposite on the Color Wheel are used in decor, clothing, etc. One color should dominate, but an accent of the complementary color wakes up the potential of the other. I hope this gives you ideas for adding scarves or accessories to outfits, or pops of color in decor, perhaps from sofa pillows, art work, draperies, or throws. Let me know what you discover when you play with this amazing color magic!

If you study your skin tone and determine whether peach, a complement of blue, is your tone, wear something blue near your face to perk up your look. If you have pink tones overall in your skin, choose a lovely green. Some greens are more yellowish, so be careful to choose one that is cooler, it should compliment you beautifully. When you find your best colors to wear, it seems to light up your face and eyes. It is best to try these color experiments with natural light if possible. 


  1. Hello Barbara,
    Your post is so interesting. I love how you demonstrate how to show a color off! That is a gorgeous egg too!
    I love the previous post as well with the old color wheels. Amazing!

    1. Thanks, Terri. The color of the egg enchanted me. So many people try to get Robin's Egg Blue for wall color, but end up with one that does not have a dollop of blue in it as the real one does. Blues are restful and are great used in private areas such as bathrooms and bedrooms.