Friday, December 13, 2013

Pantone's Color of Spring 2014

I am on the side of those who believe the Pantone Color for Spring 2014 is like a breath of fresh air. Many folks feel insecure about using lilac, lavender, and other tints of purple, but some positives are connoted by derivatives of purple. Note the chart below:

 According to Lilian Verner-Bonds, in her book Colour Healing, purple foods promote leadership and heal erratic emotions. She also reveals the characteristics attributed to colors in the purple family:

Deep purple = arrogance, corrupt power, delusion, ruthlessness.
Violet= a rebuilder of hope, intuition, sense of destiny
Amethyst=mystical connections, idealism, protects the vulnerable
Mauve=makes the right choices, aristocratic, dynastic
Plum=old fashioned, pompous, full of false pride, boring
Lavender=perceptive and fragile, elusive, aesthetic
Lilac=a bright personality, vanity, glamor, romance, adolescence

She goes on to say that "purple flowers placed near you when you are working relieves eyestrain. Also, she advises us to use purple sparingly for it is a "heavy" color which, when used in excess, may be depressing. On its positive aspects, she says purple is useful for any kind of internal inflammation and for subduing palpitations of the heart. It is a good color for head problems; it is the chakra color for the brain. The immune system and jangled nerves can benefit from this color. Should you suffer from an overload of purple, the antidote is exposure to gold in the form of gold lighting, decor or clothes."

In Maria Killam's blog, Color Me Happy, wonderful examples are shown of how to use purple tints well.

Maria Killam, Interior Designer

Used sparingly, lilac perks up metallics.

Maria Killam, Interior Design

This is how I would love for my office to turn out. White accents lavender beautifully. Blue is analagous.


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