Monday, November 11, 2013

Color Forecasts

I have referred to Canadian interior designer Maria Killam a number of times because I consider her a color genius. Throughout the post, you will find she spells color with colour, it's okay because she is Canadian. You will find my comments in bold below the photos.

Today, I am sharing part of her recent post about color trends. I've learn something from Maria's blogs every time I read them. You, too, can subscribe, see the info below to do so. If you like to decorate and love to learn, Maria will be helpful.


The speaker on our first morning was Michael Shamassian, president and owner of Shmaze Industries. His presentation was very inspiring. He talked about how his passion for colour began at 19 when he started painting cars for a living while attending college at the same time.
Fast forward, he is now in the business of coatings. Sunglasses, cell phones, laptops, even medical equipment.
Mike said he worked with one company on a stunning red for a product (some machine, I didn't get what it was) that dentists would buy. They said because of that red, sales went up 60-70%.
He said choosing colour takes guts but can do amazing things for your business when you get it right.
Mike said designers will create this amazing palette of colours and in the end–and it happens all the time–the colour choices that make the cut are black, white and silver. When he asks the executives why?  They respond "Because it's safe".
And of course, if you've been reading my blog, you'll know the current trendy neutral is in actual fact not safe at all.
So what are the forecasted colours for 2015? I can't tell you the exact shades, you have to be a member for that, but here's the recap:
Colour Trends for 2015 from Palm Springs
Turquoise is still a big colour going forward. Remember when I spoke to the Director of Design for Maxwell fabrics just a few weeks ago? She said, it's almost becoming a staple colour, it's so popular. (It is my all-time favorite color-it goes with any other color beautifully.)
Colour Trends for 2015 from Palm Springs
 (The one pink shade in the chandelier is pure genius-BBL)
Colour Trends in 2015 from Palm Springs
Muted soft, pearlized pinks are also on trend. Gold is so pretty with pink.(The black fireplace surround and the side table give this room the anchors it needs with so much delicate pink.)
Colour Trends for 2015 from Palm Springs
Black is of course on the palette but it's chalky. (I would call this color Graphite.)
Colour Trends for 2015 from Palm Springs
And gold is back. Brushed gold of course, not the shiny stuff from the 80's. This is not news in the world of design but it sure takes a long time to stick even when it does arrive on the scene. (I am in love with the gorgeous wooden counter top with the free-form shape on the end!)

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