Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Le Corbusier

Photographs Paint 

Le Corbusier In New Light

Despite the extensive and thorough research dedicated to his life and works
 it's still difficult to separate Le Corbusier the man from the mythic artist,
 builder, and poet. Sure, the biographic anecdotes are well known. He
 awoke every morning at 6 AM to paint before 'doing' architecture in the
 afternoon. When thinking of Le Corbusier, we can't help but summon
 up images of the iconic round black glasses, the dapper impresario
 nervously bantering with Einstein, or even just the cartoonishly muscular 
silhouette of Modulor man.
But these rare color portraits of Le Corbusier could change all that. 
The photographs date from 1953 and were shot by Willy Rizzo in
 Le Corbusier's studio at 35 rue de Sèvres and his self-designed penthouse
 apartment. Only a few of them were published in 1954, but haven't been
 exhibited since, until now.
The images are part of a joint exhibit by Rizzo and Fondation le Corbusier,
 now open at Le Corbusier's Maison LaRoche.

Born October 6, 1887 in Switzerland, 
Le Corbusier died August 27, 1965. 
I have always liked his work. BBL

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