Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yellow's A Sunny Treat

It's warm, inviting and cheerful. What's not to love about yellow? Yet, Interior Designers say, somewhat surprisingly, considering how widely it is used, that yellow can be a tricky color on a wall.

"Yellow is the hardest color to get right, without question," says New York designer Alexa Hampton. "As mellow a yellow you think you select, it may turn out much louder than you think it will be."

I say, if your heart is set on adding the warmth and energy yellow imparts, stick with the topmost choice on the paint decks or cards available wherever paint is sold I say; from lemon to honey shades, yellows always lift the spirits. You can always tint it lighter with your trim color added.

"Above all other colors, it's included to get more intense on the wall. Yellows with even the slightest green undertone can go greenish on the wall, especially if the room has lots of windows. Perhaps the safest way to commit to yellow in a room is with a cheery fabric or patterned pillow, an area rug or a floral lampshade. Even these subtle touches are sunny," recommends Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

Yellow's opposite on the color wheel is violet or purple; they work magically together in nature.

In paintings, yellows "set off" violet shadows beautifully.

Yellow-golds always connote that the subject in a portrait is high-status, celestial, precious, or royal.

And, on a sunny day,  it would be fun to ride around in this yellow beauty to contrast with the blue sky. Van Gogh knew what he was doing when he mixed yellow and blue in the same paintings. And, he was a color genius in my opinion.

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