Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Color Block Labeling for Wine

This is such a simple use of color I expect to see it on more wine labels soon.

The Flavor Palette for Uproot Wines’ Sauvignon Blanc features a large light green block for melon, followed by a dark green block for fresh cut grass, bright green for citrus, yellow for grapefruit, and a small purple block for passion fruit.
The Flavor Palette for Rosé features red and pink blocks that are various sizes, representing the tasting notes maraschino cherry, strawberry, rose petals, watermelon, and pink lemonade.
Uproot Wines’ colorful labels which feature no text or numbers are minimalistic yet informative. Wine drinkers are directed to their website or social media platforms to find out what they mean. Then when they see the distinctive labels in future, they’ll know it’s a bottle from Uproot Wines.
This simple yet effective labelling has the potential to be adopted in other areas as well.

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  1. Barbara, that is so clever to have something on the labels that no one else has. It will take a while to catch on. I'm always looking for the "type".