Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's Never Too Late to Paint

Grandma Moses' "When Leaves Turn"
Oil on Canvas
1860Born Anna Mary Robertson in Greenwich, NY
1872Began work as a "hired girl" on neighboring farm Washington County, NY
1887Married Thomas Salmon Moses; moves to Virginia Shenandoah Valley, VA 
1905Returned to New York with husband; five children Eagle Bridge, NY
1927Thomas Salmon Moses died in Eagle Bridge, NY
1930sEmbroidered pictures and  paintings Eagle Bridge, NY
1938Display of paintings discovered by Louis J. Caldor Thomas's Drugstore,
Hoosick Falls, NY
19401st solo show and special Thanksgiving presentation Gimbels Department Store,
 New  York, NY
1949Receives award from President Truman Washington, DC
1955Interviewed by Edward R. Murrow Eagle Bridge, NY
1961Dies at the age of 101 in Hoosick Falls, NY

Grandma Moses is an inspiration to many
folks who take up painting late in life. She
was almost eighty years old before she
had  her first solo show. It is never too
 late to start something new.

Some of my best adult drawing
students told me they wanted to take
 a class since their high school graduation,
but life got in their way. Once they signed
up to draw, they became so enthusiastic
they asked for homework assignments.
The only thing I asked them to not
do was to show their early work to
anyone who could hurt them emotionally
if they laughed at their early efforts.

If you have always longed to paint,
now is the time.

September's artists with birthdays are:

2Romare Bearden, 1911
3Louis Sullivan, 1856
7Grandma Moses, 1860
7Jacob Lawrence, 1917
7Leo Sewell, 1945
12Ben Shahn, 1898
12Richard Hunt, 1935
13Robert Indiana, 1928
16Jean Arp, 1886
20Hughie Lee-Smith, 1915
22Alma Thomas, 1891
22Jesús Bautista Moroles, 1950
23Suzanne Valadon, 1865
23Paul Delvaux, 1897
23Louise Nevelson, 1899
26Théodore Géricault, 1791
28Caravaggio, 1573
29François Boucher, 1703


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