Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Using the Color Wheel

HAPPY 2015!

A good way to start off this new year is to use color knowledge to make yourself more colorful. . Imogen Lamport, an Australian wardrobe consultant, has an interesting way of using the color wheel to combine colors for knockout clothing recommendations. Her thirty day class, online, of "shopping your closet" for more stylish use of clothes, shoes, scarves and jewelry one already owns is fun and informative. You can go to her website for more information on fashion and her next 30 Day Challenge. See for the scoop on her EVOLVE YOUR STYLE adventure, or go to Imogen's Facebook page to learn more details. This class costs only $5.00, this year's first bargain!

Take this opportunity to try some new color combinations.  Why not try a different combination, particularly if you are normally as Neutral plus a color kind of dresser!
Combining Colours
Monochromatic – shades of the same color. Many people think this means the exact same color head to toe, but in fact it doesn’t., it means one color – as in shades of one color, so you can have light and dark versions of a color.
Analogous – 2-3 colors next to each other on the colour wheel.

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